Local Ingredients

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Lets start by saying that we put the quality of our products first but also building relationships with the hands that work so hard to give us these key ingredients. We source the vast majority of our products from right here in California working along side some of the most talented farmers in the country we like to keep our syrups under a couple guidelines.

1: Organic! Who wants pesticides & chemicals in their food? Not us. Eating organic means no dangerous chemicals, less health problems & more nutrition. Eating organic is also better for the environment! And who doesn't want that?!

2: Small Batch! Using a slow cold pressed method to extract all the juice from the fruit makes sure we dont loose any of those nutrients we need from our fruits then setting it over very low heat adding all the herbs, spices, and raw agave to incorporate while still keeping our product as raw as possible!

3: Creativity! Not settling for your basic and traditional fruit pairings we wanted to challenge our palettes and your ability to create fun, unique, and whimsical drinks!